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Two Twenty Two to score LGBT romcom More Than Only

More Than Only, a film by Portland-based writer/director Michelle Leigh, strives to honestly represent a relationship's ups and downs in a true romantic comedy, which proves the understanding that we fall in love with a person NOT a gender. They are hoping their story will inspire conversation and motivate new perspectives where prejudice remains. Help the team fund post-production (including a film score by Two Twenty Two) and find out more about the film over at Seed & Spark

#6YearOldFears by Lauren Anders Brown

"Six Year Old Fears" is a short documentary from the perspective of a six year old Syrian Refugee as she becomes an older sister. The Zaatari Refugee Camp is still, in many ways, unique. With its controlled access to patients, and strategic use of funding, the camp has been able to raise a maternal health miracle in their single hospital: over 7,000 births and ZERO deaths. Documentary maker, Lauren Anders Brown, needs funding to help her tell their incredible story... and you can help HERE

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