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Another Day to Live Through




Peter Simmons

Cat & Dog Productions

Lene Kqiku, Timo Torikka, Vincent Willestrand

About the Project

A nameless young woman lives a strangely repetitive life in a remote cottage, yet something is clearly very wrong. She’s plagued with visions of phantoms and fragments of memories of another life.

The same woman, somehow different, the same house but not, is no longer alone. After an apparent accident, a stranger appears and cares for her and is trapped with her in the time loop. However, when his real intentions surface, she flees into the wilderness and a game of cat and mouse ensues. This life and death struggle continues in the forest as the hunter becomes the hunted. But, who will win?

Sales Agent: Moviehouse Entertainment

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To capture the sound of Scandinavian folk horror, co-composers Tom Nettleship and Daisy Coole used both ancient and contemporary instruments, working with folk artist Anna Tam to record jouhikko, nyckelharpa, cello and vocals.

The dark elements of the score centre around the textured, grainy sound of the jouhikko, a traditional, three-stringed bowed lyre loaned to Anna Tam by a druid. Through warping and distorting the recordings of the jouhikko and the brighter and more lush-sounding Nyckelharpa (often use to represent Satu's innocence), Daisy and Tom created a sense of unreality and ‘uncanny valley’, reflecting Satu’s loss of self as she is trapped in an endless cycle of violence.

The score also uses vocals recorded by Anna Tam and Daisy to create eerie choral textures. These choral moments often appear as we revisit Satu’s ‘rebirth’, hinting at an almost religious experience. The use of goat horn gives a sense of ‘deep time’ as it often accompanies Satu’s free treks into the depths of the forest.

ADTLT soundtrack artwork.png
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