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My Condolences to Your Future Lovers




Jessica Dowse

The Daily Lunge

Megan Walker, Alexandra Hannant

About the Project

Determined to fight for her summer love, idealist Vicky argues passionately for young love and picture-perfect movements, convinced Stacey is just scared--- or, even worse, in the closet.

Released through Short of the Week and Beyond The Short


Underwire Festival 2022 - nominated 'Best Original Music'

Short of the Week 2022

Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2021

Sappho Film Festival - Winner 'Best Sound Design'

Liverpool Film Festival 2021

Brighton Rocks Film Festival 2021

Womxnchester International 2021

Lift-Off Global Network Manchester 2021

Ah… Summer love! We know it must inevitably end, but Vicky isn’t ready to let go yet. When Stacey arrives to drive her soon-to-be ex to the train station, Vicky uses that last moment together to fight for their love. With My Condolences To Your Future Lovers, writer/director Jessica Dowse paints a picture of young love and how idealistic, genuine, and dramatic it can be in that liminal time before life catches up and bursts the happy bubbles we spend time and effort creating. 

My Condolences to Your Future Lovers

While the screenplay is the central component of the film’s appeal, aspects of the film’s craft are thoughtfully done in order to heighten the experience of the conversation. Notably, the film is shot in a single-take. While this technique has been often used in recent years to allow the camera to move through complicated scenes in a show of directing virtuosity, here Dowse and her DP, Oscar Partridge, utilize it in an almost opposite fashion, trapping us into the present moment and not allowing even a single cut to provide relief from the awkwardness or intensity of Vicky and Stacey’s drama. It also forces a framing that includes both subjects, and while focus-pulling is used to direct audience attention, the ability to perceive both performances at the same time is essential to the audience’s appreciation of the different ways the two women are reacting to their imminent separation.


Two Twenty Two took on less of a Original Music Composer role for this short film. Instead the film's music was split into two areas, first was providing source material that was being played from the car stereo and the second was the song finale, performed by Jade Ellins who is a good friend of Daisy and Tom. 

As Vicky scans her way through the radio stations she finds each new snippet of music more inappropriate than the previous track. For Tom, is was quite a fun task being able to search through their back-catalogue and insert bits of Two Twenty Two music that you would just not choose if you were about to have the conversation Stacy and Vicky were having. This includes the ear-piercing opera, the screaming industrial metal rock, the cheesy-pop, the cheesy jazz-funk and even the "french jazz" Vicky was after this whole time.

(Please send my) 'My Condolences to Your Future Lovers' was written by Tom and Daisy but Jess Dowse did actually write the lyrics to act as a Bard's song which poetically describes the narrative of the short film. Tom sung the top line as a guide for Jade to then replace with her vocals. It's accompanied by steel string guitar, a string quartet, organ and a drumkit played with brushes.

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