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For Her Sins





Adrian McDowall


Jo Joyner, Rachel Shenton

Jo Rogers

About the Project

For Her Sins, a new thriller from Channel 5, stars EastEnders' Jo Joyner as a woman who seemingly has it all. But her life is far from perfect, and when a mysterious new woman enters the fray, tensions reach breaking point.

A struggling new mother strikes up a friendship with a woman who suddenly comes into her life. What starts as the perfect escape from her troubles soon turns into a nightmare, when she discovers this perfect stranger is anything but...

"I was obsessed with an idea of one woman paying another woman a terrible visit like an avenging angel, becoming embroiled in their life in a way that is terrifying and parasitic," said creator and writer Jo Rogers. "And then just as the audience thinks they understand this woman's motives, switching perspective. Is it all it seems or has there been some wrongdoing that unites them?

"In this show, we aren't going to stop until we've peeled back the layers of history, of perception, of memory, of lies, of stories, to get to the truth. And in this case, it reveals itself to be a terrible moment as children. And the repercussions of this have rippled out over years and years, affecting both women in hugely different ways."

For Her Sins opened to 2.5 million viewers and averaged 2.1 million stripped across four nights.

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