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Good Vibrations




Abbie Lucas

Red Lock Films

Shamir Dawood, Billie Vee,
Margot Richardson, Genie Kaminski

About the Project

When Brad's struggle with depression takes a turn for the worst, he is forced to take an unorthodox approach to confront his demons and embrace his new self. Literally.

Good Vibrations is a short comedy that takes a sideward glance at depression, the presciption pharmaceutical market and alternative therapy, all through a slightly surreal lens. It is okay not to be okay but it's also okay to laugh too. The quirk is turned up a notch.


Semi Finalist Flicker's Rhode Island International Film Festival 2020
Official Selection Austrian Independent Film Festival 2020
Official Selection Asian film Festival Los Angeles 2020
Official Selection 'Breaking Down Barriers' Festival, Moscow 2020

Good vibrations poster.jpg


Abbie's brief with Tom and Daisy was relatively short and straight to the point. Her and Shamir weren't too sure what they wanted but they thought something like Jon Brion's characterful style of writing would easily fit into this world. This is very much in the Two Twenty Two wheelhouse so Tom and Daisy set about putting together a sound palette of instruments together that might not normally blend that easily. Clarinet, steel-string guitar, piano, a vibraphone going through a vibrato pedal, mellotron, very subtly used pizzicato strings (it's a comedy but too much is a cliche), organ, harp, drumkit and some humming choirs, all fed through tape saturation to get that vibration sound, but also to feel like the tape has become too slack in the cassette player. 

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