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Home by 8.30




Perry White

Stormy Water Films

Montel Bowen, Sharlene Whyte, Angela Wynter, Kevin Mathurin, Liani Samuel

About the Project

A young man runs through a park at night, escaping from a cascade of shouting behind him. He makes his way home, where his family has been waiting for him to have dinner. As dinner proceeds, he tries to hide his double life from his family. But keeping these dual parts of his life may come at a price.


Traditional narratives around "youth violence" in the news reduce people to a photo, a summary of events and maybe a caption on a newsfeed. But this short drama - written and directed by Perry White - adds dimension to the story, capturing the in-between moment where someone is alone or in their personal family space, just before their world comes crashing in.

Funded by the BFI, Home by 8.30 screened at festivals including Aesthetica Film Festival, London Short Film Festival and UrbanWorld Film Festival New York before being released by Omeleto in March 2022.

Home By 8:30 Poster


"Composer duo Two Twenty Two use their score as a striking proxy for the main character’s thoughts and condition.  Pounding synths and ominous ambient overtones exude the boy’s initial fear while a massive building roar mirrors his paranoia and claustrophobia.  The score establishes a deep connection between this character and the viewer, letting us experience and understand his cascade of emotions."

The Film Scorer, September 2020

Nominated for Best Soundtrack at Beeston Film Festival, the hybrid score for Home by 8.30 features the playing of cellist Penka Petkova.

Home by 8.30 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) was released on all digital platforms in November 2022.

HB830 album artwork 2023.png
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