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More Than Only

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Michelle Leigh


Jonathan Miles, Bjorn Anderson, Beth Dodge

About the Project

Justin Johnson knew he was gay from a very young age, but he was not allowed to act upon it.  Finally in college and free from having his every move watched, he seeks out what it is he feels he wants until he discovers what he needs. When Justin acts out recklessly - again, after the bi-semester check in phone call with his dominating and controlling father, he causes enough personal injury to require yet another ER visit. It is in the ER, on this specific night, he meets Michael Garner, a male nurse. At first it is as usual with Justin in attempting to win over the cute nurse with the same charm that has wooed many into his bed since his arrival in this town. But he quickly learns that Michael is not like the others and he will have to earn even just the first date through a series of tasks Michael presents in an attempt to dissuade Justin’s interest in him. With each successfully completed “impossible” task, Michael’s appreciation of Justin’s ingenuity blossoms as Justin’s appreciation for self-respect and determination shows him the value of actually caring about another person a little bit more than himself and realizes it brings greater rewards than one night stands to act out against his father.


Daisy Coole and Tom Nettleship set about creating a contemporary romcom sound palette for the feature film More Than Only, blending synth pads with orchestral strings, soprano saxophone, piano, marimba, bass and occasionally some drums and light percussion. The score leans into the charming, burgeoning romance between Justin and Michael whilst also hinting at Justin’s playful humour and cheekier side, often through the flighty lines in the saxophone. 


More Than Only, The Series (2021 - ) - LGBTQ+ Dramedy


Series 1 (2021) Episodes 1- 3 

Despite the Garner-Johnson's picturesque life, Justin, a now successful and acclaimed author still carries the burden of his father's hate and disapproval despite the unconditional love of his chosen family and in-laws. 


Series 2 (2022) Episodes 1- 3

Michael or Luck Dragon, as Justin so fondly refers to him, must face the accumulating expectation he feels to always be the "rock" in their relationship when a devastating tragedy at work hits a little too close to home sending him over the edge. Brooke, traverses her own struggle in finding the balance between being the pivotal parental figure to Mandy and defining a family of her own apart from the Garner-Johnsons with her domineering boyfriend...


Soundtrack Volume I and II


There's some continuation of themes representing Justin, Michael and their cheeky antics from the feature film whilst also introducing new themes such as their “pinky-promise” with Mandy, their teenage daughter. As the spin-off series ventured into more serious territory, dealing with mental health and hidden traumas, so does the score, replacing the playful soprano saxophone with the warming sounds of solo clarinet and flute, both played by Daisy. The music becomes more sparse and fragile or intimate following Justin’s breakdown and Michael’s consequent care and support. By way of contrast, Series Two sees Michael become overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy after losing a patient. The score reflects this inner-turmoil with darker and more dissonant cues, using strings particularly in the scenes representing Michael's nightmares.



All instruments performed, programmed and recorded by Daisy Coole & Tom Nettleship as Two Twenty Two.

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