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Selfridges & Co. 

Creative Director



Matt Cowan


Selfridges & Co.

About the Project

Two Twenty Two were tasked with providing a bespoke, upbeat soundtrack that evokes luxury and opulence to this short yet stunning reel, illustrating how Selfridges is the home to some of the top fashion brands in the world. 

Project Leader


Other Selfridges Projects by Two Twenty Two

Two Twenty Two composed a celestial, divine and uplifting soundtrack for Bodystudio which underscores a cross between a sense of domesticity and comfort that welcomes Selfridge's customers into their new fitting space.

Selfridges has a rich history in the British retail landscape and this documentary film both celebrates that history whilst embracing the new and changing modern landscape that Selfridges pioneers within. 

Matt Cowan requested more of an orchestral, nostalgic score for the documentary that evokes thoughtfulness, how the vision takes shape, a transformative wonder, and creating a sense of belonging and being at the forefront of a bigger vision. The music was all written to picture. 

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