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Swing Sister Swing




Cat Foley & Nancy Hitzig

Swing Sister Swing

Colbert Newsome, Lana Williams, Katie Stotter, Alicia Brockenbrow, Cat Foley, Nancy Hitzig. 

About the Project

Swing Sister Swing brings together dancers, musicians, storytellers and artists who champion the stories of jazz music and dance greats, alongside the modern feminist stories of women in swing dance today. Whether in the community, or on stage, all the work is female-led, reflective of modern society and presents at minimum 50/50 gender equity across all activities. 

Rich Mix, London 2019

A journey behind the glitz and glamour of the all-female chorus line.

Featuring six powerful women a banging original score, recorded by an all-female big band and composed by Two Twenty Two, the company presented 3 sold out workshop performances of a story about the politics of partner dance and the magic of what we make together.

Running time: 60 min Genre: Theatre, Dance, Music

Project Leader

'Silhouette' by Two Twenty Two, is one of the Swing, Sister, Swing show's slower ballads. It was an opportunity for Daisy and Tom to explore some of the textures created by players doubling on instruments like flute and flugel, and using different mutes for varying 'colours'. The piece begins gently and is built on several melodic layers which eventually overlap, building to a tumultuous fortissimo final chord before fading into the distance. This recording features a beautifully melancholy piano solo by Kate Williams and a darker muted trumpet solo by Rosie Duckworth.

Piano: Kate Williams

Bass: Flo Moore

Drums: Caroline Scott

Trumpets: Georgina Bromilow, Karen Straw, Rosie Duckworth, Becca Toft

Trombones: Laura Impallomeni, Faye Tracey, Steph Shore, Hannah Dilkes

Saxophones: Nichola Pope, Nicki Hutchins (flute), Yasmin Ogilve, Sandra-Mae Lux, Fiona Asbury

MD Reuben Fowler

Engineer Ben Lamdin

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