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Abbie Lucas

Omar Khan

Amanda Clapham, Omar Khan

About the Project

When moving into their new home, Tara and Drew are alarmed when they overhear their neighbours arguing. As the voices get louder and more violent, they must decide if it’s their responsibility to act.

"Anyone who has been in a relationship for a significant period of time is eventually going to fight with their partner and, more often than not, they will find themselves having the same fight time and time again. Imagine if you were stuck in that fight permanently?” - Abbie Lucas, Director


Official Selection Durban International Film Festival 2022 (Academy Qualifying)

Official Selection Aesthetica Film Festival 2022 (BAFTA Qualifying)

Official Selection Wigan and Leigh Film Festival 2022 (BIFA Qualifying)

In Competition Golden Egg  Reykjavik International Film Festival 2022 (Canadian Screen Awards Qualifying)

Official Selection Hamilton Film Festival 2022 (Canadian Screen Awards Qualifying)

Official Selection Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival 2022 (Canadian Screen Award Qualifying)

Nominated Jaipur International Film Festival 2022 

Official Selection 225 Film Club 2022 Promoting Excellence in Female Direction.

Official Selection Oxford International Film Festival 2022

Winner 'Audience Award' TweetFest 2022

Winner 'Best Film' Short to the Point November 2022

Nominee Best Screenplay London Lift Off Festival 2022

Official Selection Two Short Nights Film Festival 2023

Official Selection Nevermore Film Festival 2023

Official Selection Manchester Film Festival 2023 (BIFA Qualifying Festival)

Official Selection MEME PAS PEUR Film Festival 2023

Nominee 'Best Film' Beeston Film Festival 2023

Voices Poster


"The excellent VOICES is no different, subtly reminding us that the danger of complacency versus change on a larger scale is not lost in the otherwise intimate execution. Even the taut musical score has that Bernard Herrmann vibe." - Nevermore Film Festival


Composing on an unfamiliar instrument always opens up a new way of writing and unexpected choices. For VOICES, Daisy and Tom built their own toolkit using an old violin and a water bottle. Through tapping, plucking, scraping and bowing, then manipulating the recorded sounds to produce new textures, they aimed to create an off-kilter mystery score where, much like the plot of the film, nothing is quite as it seems.

Voices (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) was released on all digital platforms in November 2022.

Voices album artwork.png
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