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War Has No Eyes




Perry White

Stormy Water Films

Kadeem Boyce, Tebraiz Shahzad,
Elisa Tebith, Kevin Mathurin 

About the Project

A young Muslim from inner London searches for redemption from his troubled past after being challenged by his prior commitments.

Winner - East End Film Festival Audience Award 2018

Winner - Outstanding Original Screenplay High Peak Independent Film Festival 2018

East End Film Festival
Global Impact Film Festival
British Independent Film Festival
In Short Film Festival
High Peak Indie Festival
Steps International Film Festival
LA Cinefest
Derby Film Festival


The score plays with lightness and darkness. Dark ominous yet ambiguous synth drones welcome the audience into this story. Perry White had directed Tom and Daisy to lead the audience down the garden path with this score and to lead us into thinking something's up that we should be concerned about. 

Occasionally, when Mahmoud has some real soul-searching moments, or during prayer, his ascending four note motif is introduced. He is conflicted and the motif again remains ambiguous up until the final cue where the darkness is replaced with more of a lighter tone that includes a women's humming choir accompanied by orchestral strings and woodwinds

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