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Two Twenty Two scores Mediaworks "Duke Street Documentaries"

Click for BodyStudio video

Mediaworks Case Study: Director, Matt Cowan outlines his vision for Selfridges Duke Street Documentaries.

MediaWorks is producing a series of videos for the iconic London department store Selfridges documenting the evolution of its £300 million Duke Street project. It is the most ambitious building project Selfridges has undertaken since the store first opened its doors in 1909 and realizes founder Harry Gordon Selfridge’s vision to create a single unified block of retail space.

"Selfridges mission is to surprise, amaze and amuse our customers. In order to do that, it’s critical that we inform and inspire our staff so they can pass on their knowledge and passion. The Duke Street films produced by MediaWorks have documented every step along the journey, from vision to execution. They are an important record of this landmark project." Scott Lynch, Senior Manager, Selfridges Internal Communications.

Two Twenty Two have worked closely with Mediaworks on a selection of internal communication videos for Selfridges including The BodyStudio, as well as for other well-known brands like Logitech and Sky.

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