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Two Twenty Two Scored Series 'For Her Sins' Hits High Viewership Numbers

The Channel 5 Primetime television series starring Jo Joyner and Rachel Shenton first aired Monday 5th June at 9pm and continued through the subsequent week over four nights until Thursday and managed to average 2.1 million UK viewership transmission figures.

Joyner plays Laura, a lawyer, wife and mother who is finding it difficult to juggle the various aspects of her life. Emily, played by Shenton, worms her way into her life by exploiting her vulnerabilities.

Daisy Coole and Tom Nettleship composed and performed the series score and opening title sequence bringing For Her Sins a noirish, edgier sound to help support the psychological thriller. The score features piano, synths and strings, and boasts a variety of manipulated and processed vocals, all written and recorded by Two Twenty Two within a very tight 5 week turnaround to meet the transmission date with only the more intimate cello parts remotely recorded by Brookspeare Music.


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