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Theatrical Release for The Pay Day

Vertical Entertainment releases THE PAY DAY on TVOD in USA November 11th, and UK, 5th December. Additionally The Pay Day was afforded a limited theatrical release playing across AMC Theatres from November 11th in Connecticut, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.

With a film score and sound by Two Twenty Two, The Pay Day stars Kyla Frye, Sam Benjamin, Vincent Jerome, With Ellen Thomas & Simon Callow. Synopsis: The Pay Day is an independent British heist movie set in a post-pandemic world. The film follows Jenn, a broke and frustrated IT technician who decides to embark on a one-woman heist to steal valuable data worth millions on the black market. As if the dangerous pitfalls of her mission weren’t enough, the sting gets more complicated when George, a charming con-artist interrupts her mission attempting to swipe the loot for himself.


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