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New trailer released for 'Home By 8.30'

'Home By 8.30' is the new short film by Perry White and the official trailer has dropped today. The BFI-funded short debuted at Cambridge Film Festival in October as part of the BFI Network and is warming up for a festival run in 2020.

"In a tumultuous evening, a teenager is challenged by two contrasting realities that he is determined to never let crossover; his family life inside of his home and a violent encounter outside of his home."

Two Twenty Two scored the original music for 'Home By 8.30' with Dom Lancaster taking charge of post-production sound. This is the second collaboration between Perry White and Two Twenty Two, following recent success with War Has No Eyes, which won the East End Film Festival Audience Award 2018, Outstanding Original Screenplay 2018 at High Peak Independent Film Festival and was a Semi-Finalist at Los Angeles Cinfest.

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