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Satori [Awakening] Premieres on DUST

Tagline - The entire planet has been rapidly overgrown by a dense jungle. Two survivors of a downed reconnaissance ship are about to discover that mother nature has a powerful new ally.

Satori [Awakening] by Adam K Batchelor

Starring Jane Perry (Phantom Thread, A Hologram for the King) as Daisy Evans and Mark Holden (Captian Phillips, World War Z) as Warren Rogers.

After harnessing the power of ‘artificial intelligence’ to reverse the environmental damage humans have inflicted on the planet, the AI spirals out of our control, covering the entire land surface in a dense jungle terrain. Now, only a fraction of the population remains, as the majority struggle to survive in this new natural world. A group of scientists, technicians and military personnel stay sheltered from the dangerous jungle surroundings in a top secret, underground R&D facility. But as they begin to search for survivors they discover a mysterious new force that is now firmly in control. Upon venturing deeper, they become exposed to the strict rules and customs that protect the new ecosystem, above all else.

Director's Statement: "After researching the ongoing developments in the climate change debate and watching it become front and centre in mainstream news, Satori took shape in my mind as a large-scale, multi-faceted world with multiple storylines and characters. So really, the first challenge was to pull together a short story from the canvas which retained the original themes and maintained the feeling of a larger concept. I guess you could say that this short film is a proof of concept for the real story of Satori. Within the narrative, my aim was to explore the human relationship with the planet alongside new emerging technologies; as well as gender stereotypes and social norms. I find it hugely interesting how quick life could change and how dramatic the impact could be, as large-scale paradigm shifts inevitably transform the way us humans view our existence. The female heroine in this film is a comment on the need to maintain a ‘feminine’ or balanced approach to a crisis. She isn’t the quintessential twenty-something ‘action (wo)man’ with exaggerated physical strength in a female casting. Instead she is a relatable profile that maintains true strength and honest characteristics; including instinct, intuition, compassion and self-awareness. All of which are the essential leadership attributes needed at this time."

Satori (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Two Twenty Two gave the film it's sci-fi epic orchestral sound; blending dark brassy chords and ethnic woodwinds with some epic percussion and atmospheric strings. Satori (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is now available on Spotify, Bandcamp and most streaming platforms.

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