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'Jinx' makes the "Best 25" for Straight 8 2020 Competition

'Jinx', Gillian Harker's third outing as a director, has been chosen for the 'Best 25' in Straight 8's annual competition. Each film was shot on one roll of super 8 film and submitted directly to the Straight 8 team, with only in-camera editing possible and no formal post-production. The Straight 8 Jury were tasked with choosing 25 films from nearly 170 submissions, none of which had been seen by the filmmakers, themselves.

The original music for Jinx was created by composer duo Daisy Coole and Tom Nettleship who tackled the inability to score to picture by working to a timed script, using mood board collages provided by the director.

'Jinx' stars Madeleine Wilshire, Joe Johnsey and Gillian Harker, and was shot by Derk Russell.

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