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'Clay's Redemption' World Premiere at The Drive-In, London

Venezuelan director, Carlos Boellinger's debut feature film 'Clay's Redemption' with neon-soaked visuals and a firm tip-of-the-cap to the gritty, hard-edged grindhouse films of the 80's and 90's, has announced a World Premiere at London's foremost outdoor cinema experience, The Drive In.

Clay stars Akie Kotabe (The Man in the High Castle, Everly) in the title role, alongside pop-noir artist, Nuuxs in her film debut as Maya. 'Clay's Redemption' also stars Joe Wredden, Charlie Blackwood and Magdalena Sverlander as the terrifying Learza.

Two Twenty Two's Tom Nettleship and Daisy Coole composed an electronic scifi jazz-tinged noir hybrid soundtrack for the film, which features lavishly - and sometimes frenetically - played saxophone and brooding low amplified guitars. This marks the seventh time Two Twenty Two has collaborated with Tin Cowboys Productions, with Dom Lancaster also anchoring down the weighty task of post-production sound in a film fully ADR'd

Clay's Redemption plays at The Drive In 17th September, London N18. Book HERE

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