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Director Gillian Harker Interviewed by Twelve Cabins

Twelve Cabins, a "website dedicated to probing the minds behind the world’s best independent horror & cult cinema." presents the premiere of Gillian Harker's Super 8 film, Jinx.

Created as a submission for the Straight 8 competition, which sees filmmakers confined to the use of one Super 8 cartridge with no editing, Harker has delivered a folklore-inspired short of intimate revenge. When a young woman, portrayed by Harker herself, sees her ex-boyfriend walk into the bar she’s in – she heads to the bathroom to consolidate herself. It’s there where she discovers a voodoo doll which offers her a unique level of control over her old partner’s new lover. Harker embraced the competition’s limitations and has created a short which is gripping and atmospheric, that sports the essence of cinema’s classical past. Watch the film now and read the interview by James Maitre to learn more.

During the interview, Harker said about the film's score "For the music, I wish I could take the credit. That’s the genius of Daisy Coole and Tom Nettleship of Two Twenty Two. I met with them in Picturehouse Central the day after we shot. I’d sent them the test shoot footage with the estimated timings of shots, a few days before. I showed them my mood board, some BTS photos, taken by James Corrigan, and just fired some random, incoherent adjectives and abstract nouns at them. They nodded politely, making notes, then went off. A few days later, they sent me the soundtrack. I was on the floor in awe! It was everything I wanted but I hadn’t articulated that with any meaningful precision. I don’t know how they do it."

Full Interview Go Here

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