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More Than Only, Vol. I (Original Series Soundtrack) released on all major streaming platforms

More Than Only, Vol. I (Original Series Soundtrack) by composer duo Two Twenty Two is out now on all major digital platforms.

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Written and directed by Michelle Leigh, 'More Than Only, The Short Film Series' follows on from the YouTube sleeper hit gay romcom feature film. We are welcomed back into Justin and Michael's life, this time a little further down the road, a little older and a little wiser. Justin and Michael experience both triumphs and stumbles as they continue through parenthood with their now 12 year old daughter. Despite Justin's picturesque life he still carries the burden of his father's hate and disapproval. He is reminded that he doesn't have to walk-through his pain alone, because his family - his chosen family - is there to lend an ear or hand without condition. WWW.MORETHANONLY.ORG


released February 13, 2021 Music is written, recorded and mixed by Two Twenty Two (Daisy Coole and Tom Nettleship) Album mastered at Air Studios by Cicely Balston.


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