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The Wish Centre releases new film 'Don't Let Trauma Make You Invisible'

Watch The Wish Centre's new film, part of The Media Trust's Volunteer Films program, funded by the John Lyon's Charity. Directed by Jess Dowse, the film is scored by Two Twenty Two with sound by Dom Lancaster (Two Twenty Two Sound).

The Wish Centre support young people who have been groomed and exploited, many of whom self-harm as a means of coping with trauma.


Director: Jess Dowse//The Daily Lunge @_jessdowse_director

DoP: Beatriz Delgado Mena @beatriz.delgado.dop

Producer: Daisy Church

Actors: Daisy Carpel @daisycarpel Hadsan Mohamud @hadsanmohamud Annie Apakoh @annie.mnco

Sound Design: Dom Lancaster @two22sound

Music: Two Twenty Two @two22music


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